Friday, July 31, 2009

Math Hoffa - Successful Freestyle (Dissing Serius Jones & Dj Webstar

I know alot of internet cats know about this dude Math Hoffa, for his famous knockout punch during a MC Battle. I just got hip to this cat like last week when i was up in new york. My homie Oliie directed this video, which is fucking crazy!. I been knowing this guy since High School, and to see him doing some amazing video work is fucking great. Make sure you check out the website RIGHT HERE. Next we gotta get my homie Ollie to shoot a Buggz Tha Rocka Video! That would insanely dOOOOPE!

Peep the Video...

P.s- Did you peep when he said "When it come to the "Mike" im like Demerol"?! OUCH

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cincinnati Stand UP!!


Cincinnat's Own Tanya Morgan Performed on stage along with some hip-hop legends,,, wish i was there for this show.. seems like it was illll.... peep the video

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MiCK BOOGIE Presents BUGGZ THA ROCKA!!! Hip Hop Super Hero!

Im so excited and proud of my homie Buggz that Rocka and his constant grind .. I Told yall its going to be a hot summer in the nati!! and it shaping up to be one pretty well. I dont know if that last sentence made any sense, but ok fuckin well, sue me. Any way Ive heard the mixtape and its pretty FUCKING DOPE! Im not saying that becasue i know Buggz personallly, im saying it on the strength of raw talent and good hip-hop, and easy listing.

Check out/download the Mixtape for yourself


P.S-The Intro to this CD is ILL!! Shouts out to L-Train!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

R&R Wedding and Mixtape Mixed By Dj Clockwork!

Very Huge Congratulations To Ronnie And Rissa Iquina that got married yesterday!!!!!! My too good friends now spending the rest of there beautiful lives together. I had the privilege of being able to do their mix-tape of love and party songs that they both love and admire. The Homie Moxy also recorded the whole cd, so its a pretty amazing mix might i say. Not to mention the amazing Jon Flannery(Stacks Press) did the design for the mixtape... REEAALY DOPE!!! check it. The Mixtape is a limited edition so only a few were given out, BUT if anyone would like to hear the mixtape, let me know asap and i will post it for yall!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Second Home...

Im sorry it took me song long to update my blog. I just got back from New York to show off and have a good time Djing.. First i Djed the Famous Monday Nights At Sway NightClub, with my homie Dj Select Shit was insane, and then i went to check out my homie MickBoogie at ASpen Nightclub on Tues. Mick is always a laid back cool dude, we'vw done a few shows together, so seeing him again was like a mini reunion.. OOOooo i forgot to tell yall!!There i met a new really good "new" friend by the name Of Kris. She seems like she has her shit together! except she decided to go see Maxwell over my show the next day.. FAIL!! hahahhah. Naw im just bullshittin.. Shes really cool, cant wait to see her again.. Make sure you check her site out RIGHT HERE. After that we check out Sultra Lounge...Shit was NASTY!!! IT WAS OFFF THE FUCKIN MEAT RACK SON!! anyway check out all the pics below.. I also Djed at FATBABYS im the lower east side with my homie DJ Schoolboy.... im tired of typing..check out all the pics...more to come as soon as i get them uploaded

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fuckin Hilarious!!!

please watch the first video with the actually Drake Freestyle before watching the 2nd video!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New York New York, Big City of Dreams.....

This shit is about to insane...everytime i spin in new york its massss fun! If your in the area, make sure you check out me and the homie Dj Select rockin heavy! check out some pics when i was a t sway before...i had mad facial hair.....


- Monday July 20th -

Roxy Cottontail Presents…


Featuring Music By…

DJ Select (Dallas, Tx)

+ DJ Clockwork (Cincinnati, OH)


Hosted By

Tasha Sancheezie

+ Roxy Cottontail


Photos by Tone


Door by Candy Cottontail


Stoli Vodka Open Bar from 10-11 PM



305 Spring St.

Btwn Greenwich + Hudson





$5 w/out RSVP

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Biz Markie and Kid Capri / The True School Park Jam Series

Biz Markie and Kid Capri / The True School Park Jam Series / 7.09.09 from Noisemaker Media on Vimeo.

MAN I WISH I WAS THERE!!! check out how biz markie dj's all acapellas! SICK!

and does anybody know the name to the song that they play at the beginning? the joint that eminem blazed dude in in 8 mile at the end?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Galaxxy Enterprise x WallStreet Wes x Carpe Diem
MICK BOOGIE presents:Buggs Tha Rocka
Hip-Hop Super Hero ft.DJ SHUTDOWN
LIVE !!! @ THE COMET 4579 Hamilton ave.
21 to drink 18 to enter
Ladies in FREE b4 11:00
$5 for everybody

The Mixtape is Dropping July 28th... i posted the link for the mixtape if you didnt get a chance to get the can wait till the 28th... then i will post it again... you slackers should of been on it when i posted it!!! Any way Buggs is having a cd release party...GO TO THIS SHIT!! SUPPORT REAL HIP-HOP!!!

check out the promo video!!


Please Start putting These Signs Up In Cincinnati ASAP!!!

All clubs need to follow this lead..... lawd...

We Killed Louisville!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


If your in the Louisville area make sure you check me out a prime lounge tonight!!! It gonna be crazy...Some huge launch party of BEBE... Hope they give me some free shit so i can give to my boo! HAHAH

See Yall there!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

When The Money Goes!!!

These are Hip-Hop's Top earners of 2009...

Check EM Oooout!!

Jay-Z - $35Mil
Diddy - $30Mil
Kanye West - $25Mil
Akon, 50 Cent - $20 Mil
Lil Wayne - $18Mil
Timbaland - $17Mil
Pharrell - $16Mil
T-Pain - $15Mil
Eminem - $14Mil
Dr.Dre - $13Mil
Snoop Dogg - $11Mil
Ludacris - $10Mil
Swizz Beatz, T.I., Will.I.Am, Common - $8Mil
Big Boi, Andre 3000 - $7Mil
Jeezy, Rick Ross, Flo-rida, The Game - $6Mil

Thursday, July 9, 2009

DJ Dimepiece Birthday Tour!!

Shouts out to Dj Dimepiece! one of the Baddest Female Dj's on this side of the Mississippi! This Friday is her first stop on her Birthday Tour and the first stop is here in CINCINNATI!! Im excited for this news. It will be at "Sullys" which is in Downtown Cincinnati on 7th Street. Make sure you get there early, because the nuvo will be flowing and its going to be packed as shit. Its always good to see other Dj's in the Nati consistently grinding! Ill be there hopefully i see all you there too!!

Make sure you check DJ Dimepiece out HERE

Check out her other Cities she will be at, if your in town go to those too!!

Steph Floss in The NATI!!

DJ Steph Floss Vlog Day 110 (DJs talk too much) from DJ Steph Floss on Vimeo.

i know im pretty late on this vlog, but def check out Steph Floss as he touches down and blows the house down, and how comedian T.K Kirkland tells him about what DJ'S nowadays need to do.. make sure you check out Steph Floss on his website WHAT UP BIG HOMIE!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jay-Z Intro To BP3 Live!

People keep talkin bout Hov left em flat/ Wanna rewrite history lets talk about that/Dame made millions/Even Jaz made Scraps/ He could of made more but he aint sign the contract-

nuff said...

What up Doe

so ive been mad lazy on the whole blogging thing, and someone needs to slap me in the fucking face for being that way. So much crazy shit goes on in my life that everyone needs to know about it, Ha, First off i would like to start off by shouting out some of my homies that blogs also...

make sure you check out my homie Ricky Rice's blog, shits dope, he blogs about some player ass shit! check him out most def, kid loves to travel and is mad ill in the sneaker game son... you can check his website RIGHT HERE

This is another blog that everyone should def follow, my dude matt had shit on lock. Make sure if your in the Cincinnati Area to def check out his shop and get some shoppping in. I just went up there recently to cop some tees,Thanks for the atypical shirt and play cloths homie! Check out his blog RIGHT HERE

my homie right here skavengerbrandon is one of the illest photographers from the nati and i cant even keep up with this man when it comes to shoes, his shoe game is defiantly shitting on mine tremendously! hahaha, anyway he travel all around and takes some dope pictures of everything, and on the side is just a conisuer(i dont know how to fucking spell that word) of fashion. check him out HERE

MY HOMIE RIGHT HERE!!! Floydfromohio. This has been my homie since like 1st grade, we grew up together and partied mass all the way to the present. Def another ill photgrapher and what i believe is a trend-setter in the nati when it comes to being the shiat! His site is dope as fuck, last time i went to it he was stil working on it. im still going to post it, just cause that my nigga... Check him out HERE

This is my homegirl SarahDay... ive been following her blog for awhile now and i find it very good reading material about travels and shit. She travels mass and really knows her fashion also make sure you stop over and take a look at her blog right HERE

My homie Jon Flannery! This is the man when it comes to graphic design, flyers, posters, etc. you dont believe me?
check out some of his work he did for me
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yea he is ill as fuck with the logos too make sure everybody check out his blog HERE ALSO his website is

Check out all these blogs and fuckin get ready for The "Time Zones" Mixtape to drop!!!

imma keep up on the blogging..i promise..