Thursday, October 30, 2008


So the Southview Condos are pretty much some of the best looking condos ive seen in a long time. And i am very honored to spin at the huge Huge After party at Bang nightclub. Hosted by BeatStreet Promo and 1982 Productions, Whose doing alot of huge things around the Greater Cincinnati Area. It Should be a packed event, so put on "yer" Dancin shoes and show some face! Me and the Homie from Dayton DJ SpareChange (Komandoz, Team Them, Monstarz Inc. , 4 Universal Elementz, Ohio Underground Legendz) are going to re rocking the buliding all night long.

The Event is Scheduled for November 7th- 9pm-230ish

Nice Flyer

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pareeeee!!!! FRANCE!!!

Just 2 weeks ago i was in Paris, France competing in a Dj Battle with Les Darons, all the way till 6am in the morining! ahhhhhh!!! This was inarguably  the best Dj experience ever for me. The battle was more about who can rock the crowd the longest, not really scratching and juggling a song the best(but dont get it twisted i smash asses(no homo) on the tables when it comes to that aspect also) The Winner of that crazy battle was urs truly Mr. Clockwork... Check out some pics from this insane event. I also got a chance to see a little of Paris while i was out there..

Enjoy These pics....

P.S. -as soon as i figure out how to post on this thing, im putting str8 fire up!!!

Hello from The Man With The Time!

Hello world! Finally i have set aside the bullshit and finally done something that ive been waiting to do for awhile now......Create a Fuckin Blogspot! I've visited alot of different Blogspots, and ive been highly impressed with the quality of some of these spots. 

Now im pretty sure your wondering just who the hell i am. Since i was 15 years old i have been spinning records and playing a whole assortment of different instruments. Im DJ CLOCKWORK(hi clockwork..) I have a disease and they dont know what to call it!! HA....Deejaying is something that i live on on a daily basis. I feel like it Communication threw airwaves and how you speak to people while their tearing up the dance floor. Its my money maker as well as my release into doing something that i love.

I love my fuckin job..

Just a taste of me...

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