Thursday, April 30, 2009

SuperHero In Cincinnati? HAHAHAHAHHA



As a DJ i really look up to this guy...fuckin beast

check this little interview out...

EMINEM- 3.AM Video Preview

This video looks like its about to be insane... So Glad Em is Back!. Speaking of Em.. look as this fool Rick Ross calls Eminem out... what a fuckin idiot.. Ok Rick Ross, your album was pretty good, but why in the world would you call out one of the best Emcee's in the game. I fuckin hope eminem rips his ass out(pause) i just want Em to come back and give us another Marshall Mathers Lp(which in my opinion was his best album)

any way check this idiot "bosssssss" out...



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scott Storch- Broke off Cocaine

Swiss Beats- When I Step In The Club

This Has been my Shit lately! check the video.. you can download the track below the video...

Swiss Beats- When I Step In The Club

Sunday, April 26, 2009

So i was typin a paper and of course i had facebook open in another window, and i came across my homie MANGO MANGO'S status.. which got me this news article that you see below here. Im Tellin everybody out there that my man Buggz Tha Rocka is about to blow through the roof. No body is fuckin with my homie lyrically in Ohio... anyway i could go on for days about this shit... I gotta get back to this paper.. fuck this school shit

peeps the article.....

From XXL

get that everyday. No for real, eeverrryday I get hit with the, “Have you heard about such and such? They are that new shit…” I’m always open to hearing new artists. The way the newbies come in the game with the big dreams and bigger statements makes it all worthwhile. With the help of the internet the market has been flooded with garbage though. Just people thinking that since they can listen to music and enjoy it, that they can make it and either become famous, make money or bone some chicks (if it’s a female MC then it’s get the latest handbag). I see where the game is going though, I look at all these new cats coming into the game dealing with label drama and MC beef before people can even get a grasp of their music. It’s a sad state of entry folks, but fuck all that. Some of you readers seem to be experts in this forum (y’all be off as hell sometimes, but then again so are we…not!), so who do you think is the next hot MC or group? It can be whoever you know around your way that you believe in, or some super underground crew we all should be up on, or that cat that we’ve covered in the mag that should get even more light. Whoever you think is dope let us know right here, cus you never know why I’m asking.-DT

Just so you know, I’m listening to:
*Spree Wilson - The ill voiced dude that has the 3rd verse on Novel’s “I Am” single. The way he just took the track and owned it with an intricate flow, left field content and a collegiate hipster style. Watch him.

*Buggs Tha Rocka - I can’t remember who put me on to dude off top, but when I went to his page I so wasn’t expecting what I heard, dopeness. I really like his choices of instrumentals to “rock” over.

*Kovas – I don’t know if this counts since he’s my homie from back in the days (and I made a guest appearance on his ill mixtape The Stimulus Package), but ‘Vas has his own ghetto world beat sound that mashes all elements of hip-hop together. He rhymes, sings, produces (joints with Justin Timberlake to De La Soul) and plays instruments. International flow, just ask about his travels.

*Nitro – Met dude in Barbados in January. He’s got the swag, the timing and the mainstream appeal. Being from the Caribbean doesn’t hurt his chances of winning, especially since he really doesn’t have an accent you have to decipher when he’s spittin’.

*Nipsey Hussle – Just swore dude was a light-skinned Snoop when I saw pictures him and I still think that now that I’ve met him. I’m sure he’s tired of the comparison but he gives me that early Snoop in the streets before the pimpin’ kicked in. He lays out on tracks, not hype, but still aggressive and gives you that Cali feel just from the sound of his voice.

*U-N-I – I’m really into West Coast cool cats, Pharcyde, Hieroglyphics and such and these new dudes are in that lane to me. No rah-rah craziness, no super space rhymes, just dope content and topics that run the table of what young West Coast regular cats deal with. Production by Ro Blvd fits them perfectly.

*J Cole – I met him through DJ Green Lantern recently. Went to the studio to hear his amazing story of how he linked up with Jay-Z. Smart guy first, dope rapper second. He’s going to be one to check for as long as he can get through the pressure of Jay-Z shadow. He’s one of those cats where the more he rhymes with heavyweights, the better he’ll become.

*38 Special – Now this is another Green Lantern intro. Met him at Green’s radio show a few months back. Street dude so much that he’s currently taking a street vacation, feel me? He has a voice that automatically catches your attention and the way he details his life in “the life” is fresh in a Clipse kinda way. Where they add humor with the punch lines to hard times, 38 does it like that, but with a smirk.

*Jon Connor – Got put on to dude through a homie that knows the type of hip-hop I like to listen to. JC is cut from that Kanye cloth, not a Kanye clone but seemingly inspired by Ye. His beats are melodic, but his rhymes attack. JC is definitely feeling his own movement, gotta love that shit.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rick Ross vs Asher Roth

hahahahaha on the beer pong....

Kanye West- Amazing

Dope video..HYPE WILLIAMS!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WALE IN THE NATI!!! Updated Flyer

So this is the update flyer with my fucking name on it... make sure you get tickets!

Hit me up if you want to get some

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fly U- Gold Chain

Speaking of the homies from Columbus.. here is Fly U's new video for a up and coming smash hit Gold Chain.. cant stop listening to it..!!!

check it..

p.s Nice video also

Fly Union - "Gold Chain" (On Credit) from Eighty81 on Vimeo.


So the homie WALE IS COMING TO CINCINNATI!!! ITS GOING TO BE A HOT SUMMER!. Really glad to be a part of this and have the best cincinnati talent be on the bill also. The Big Homie Buggz Tha Rocka is opening alongside his band goldshoes. Also My Bro Moxy Monster is opening also, and cant forget Columbus own Fly U!!! Guaranteed to be a smash... and CLOCKWORK ON THE TABLES!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

St. Lunatics is always dope

so i have been a fan of these dudes for a while.. and i always told my homies that they spit!. City Spud is out of jail, and i have never heard him spit before.. He goes in.. cant wait for the new album to drop.. One of my favorite groups to date...btw,.. NELLY SPITS!!

Check it

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tour Recap

so many crazy stories to let you guy know about...for now here are a few pics i still searching the soon as i fund them, im going to post them and let yall know... F.Y.I.. never wear a red cat cocked to the right in Wicker Park Chicago son... TREATED

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Best Rapper Battle Ever...

hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahha. THIS SHIT IS FUCKIN HILARIOUS!! I REALLY CAN NOT STOP LAUGHING....LIKE SERIOUSLY


Corporate Grievance Tour!

The Official Corporate Grievance Tour Feat: Skyler(Chicago/yellofever)
Cj Townsend( Columbus)

Kicks off In Covington, Kentucky At Clique Ultra Lounge!

Its a Huge Privildge to have this tour start off at One of the Best Clubs in this Tri State Area. Make sure if you have to work, take off, if you have other plans, cancel them, because nobody wants to do the same thing every week!

Guarenteed to Please!


About Skyler:

In a world where most people sit idly by and wait for their lives to change, Skyler Mendoza, DJ extraordinaire, party starter, and all around Chicago celeb, has been making things happen since he was a kid. Skyler has been a fixture on the Chi town scene since the tender age of 17, when he first began planning and promoting parties. Around his 20th birthday, Danny Livewire, well-known Chicago DJ and friend, convinced Skyler to begin dabbling in DJing. Skyler ended up spinning, as a fun experiment, at his 20th birthday party. There began his change from proactive party promoter to one of the hottest up and coming DJs around. "Yeah, I liked it a lot. I'll always be a DJ that DJs for the crowd," He says. Skyler continued to throw parties and gain extreme amounts of buzz as the next big Chicago DJ, linking up with DJ extraordinaire Million Dollar Mano, "Best Rapper Alive" Hollywood Holt, The Cool Kids and Kid Sister. With these coveted Chicago artists (and more), Skyler soon headlined a series of live shows and parties called "Treated Thursdays" at the prestigious Chicago nightclub The Underground. This led to a permanent DJ gig @ the Underground, where he became an overnight sensation. He began to capitalize on his newly recognized talent, playing gigs all over town.
Nowadays, Skyler is a bigger name than ever, creating as much national buzz as he has locally. He has performed with established artists such as Justice, Flosstradamus, GIRLTALK, T-PAIN, LUPIE FIASCO, Matt and Kim and Sinden,not to mention countless popular indie/dance artists as well as after-parties for M.I.A., John Legend, Fonsworth Bentley, and many more. Skyler's true secret to DJing is his ability to read and play for the crowd, and he's been using this skill to appeal to crowds of all sorts. Skyler's sound and style as a DJ can best be described as eclectic. He has been recognized for his talents by celebrities, hipsters, club-heads, and hip-hop fans alike. He has something for everyone. He seamlessly melds hip hop with electronica with old school R&B throw back joints, and will throw a little 80s in the mix whenever he gets a chance. Skyler is a hot commodity amongst a pool of lukewarm DJs and artists. No matter who you are or what music you're into, Skyler can make you dance.

About Clockwork:

Clockwork has rocked the state of Ohio for the past 5 years. He made his mark at several top hot spots in Cincinnati, Columbus, New York, even Paris, France, where he won the DJ battle, “Beat Invaders”. Clockwork is the preferred DJ when it comes to unique, jam packed A-List parties, and has provided the music entertainment for various events at college campuses throughout the Midwest as well as the east coast. Some of Clockwork’s appearances include:
•Live Broadcast DJ for CLOCKWORK RADIO at the University of Cincinnati’s internet radio station, Bearcast Radio.
•Opening DJ for: ?uestlove (Questlove), The Roots, Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, Hollywood Holt, Mickey Factz, the Cool Kids.
•Guest DJ with: Mick Boogie, Fly Union, Roxy Cottontail, Million $ Mano, Steve Aoki, EDreys, John Doe of 1200 Hobos, DJ Mike B, DJ Blaqstarr, DJ Elle, DJ Excel, Les Darons, DJ Steph Floss, Little Brother, Buggs Tha Rocka.

About Cj Townsend:

Cj is the man....He has Columbus on Lock as Far as promoting, and a bad ass dj. nuff said

O and Corporate...
Cincinnati's Sneaker & Clothing Boutique
If you are tired of rockin the same shit as everyone else you might wanna find out the directions asap! You won't find the shit they got anywhere else!

11578 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati,OH 45246

Be There!

Time For The Nati/Kentucky.Columbus/Chicago to Come Together!

Tour Dates

4/11/09-Columbus/Ohio(Club Karma)
4/12/09-Cleveland/Ohio( B-side)
4/13/09- Chicago/ Illinois( Evil One)

Air Yeezy WHAT?

Old man makes some good ass points....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eminem- We made You

Back to the old SHADY!!!!!

Let's all pray he comes back hard!(pause)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adventures of Buggs Tha Rocka


My Man Buggs goes to New York to do as he goes from B.E.T to Complex Magazine, To RCA! Im tellin yal main My dude Buggz is about to Blow!

Check it!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Im Put It On Her- Day 26 Feat Diddy

"Dont Tattoo my name, tattoo my logo, and let the world now you fuckin wit a mogul" Diddy spits..tight as club track


luckiest dj ever.....and she was jetty as hell

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Faves: Dj Jazzy Jeff Mixtape

YO I HAVE TO PUT THIS QUOTE IS ALL CAPTIAL LETTERS! PLEASSSSSEEE DOWNLOAD THIS MIXTAPE. Jazzy Jeff(The best hip-hop/r&b dj) Just dropped this mixtape this week and must i say, most of these remixes will be added to the crates ASAP! Jazzy Jeff takes some of his favorite songs and remixes them....



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FLY.U at Cool Kids Show

Shouts out to the Whole Columbus Crew and more importantly in this video FLY UNION! Man i remember doing this show with this guys a WHILE AGO! Where the hell did this video come from! THIS was an amazing night! Everybody tore it down including my homie Buggz Tha Rocka and Kandid... Does any remember the random as dude singing in the beginning of the show? WTF?! Any way enjoy this video... the almost brought the stage down with them! Can't Wait for the Album To drop!

check it!

Mid Week Party! Come OUT TONIGHT!

Photobucketspring line

also check out the spring-line for my homies over at instrument skateboards.. Dope shit... I might be rocking one of there shirts tonight at the jumpoff! Cant wait