Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year EVE!!!!!!! Party!!!!

Me, dj phatboy and Mike B will be murdering the tables all night tommrrow for NYE.. Some of the best Dj's in Cincinnati!

Tickets are only $50.

This price guarantees admission, party favors & passed Hors D'oeuvres. All guests will be provided with their own MOET & CHANDON champagne split at midnight as we toast in 2010!

Tickest may be purchased and picked up at FB's NOW until TOMORROW or by calling 513.246.4333 and charging by phone.

Hope to see you all tomorrow night at midnight!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Resoultion

so this new years im making a honest new years resolution to fully become a vegetarian.. i know it sounds crazy as hell if you know me, because i will eat the shit outta some chicken and fish. I never really fucked with pork alot.. so it makes it a little easier to stop... As a matter if fact, i just ate a veggie patty from Subway, and the shit was amazing! So if yall see me slipping up grabbing some meat(No homo) slap that shit outta my hand! Thanks for yall support!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

BBM and Boredom Party 2009

BBM & Boredom - @superfun 2009 recap from @superfun on Vimeo.

This Party is an idea spawned from BBM and boredom. We started it to give the Chicago kids something different. Creative Community Service. A party with no fuss, all fun. Dope music, dope fashion. The right people in the same room.

@superfun 2009 was a crazy 6 months. Thanks for your energy. For lettin loose, rockin sunglasses at night, poppin bottles, and dancing on the couches with us. We got bigger and better things coming for you in 2010!


Shouts out to the homies Hollywood Holt, Million Dolla Mano, Floyd-From-Ohio, Skyler, and all the gorgeous women in video

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Few New Movies I want to see!


FLY Union Feat Big Sean- Poed Up Video

Fly.Union ft. Big Sean "Poed Up" from Palestra Creative on Vimeo.

Been waiting for awhile for this video! Shouts out to Everybody i know in the video, Eighty 81, Fly U, Big Sean,DJ Steph Floss, DJ Giovanny.... I Like the video.. fits well with the song

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dj Am Tribute.. Jazzy Jeff, Dj Premier, Dj Riz

I dont know how old this is... but this shit is amazing...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Thoughts

I've never done this on my blog before....VENT!. I usually post just funny shit, good music and just a bunch of random shit that i think is worth the post and that i think you guys will like. This week has been a very sad and interesting week, To start off, Rest in Peace to Chris Henry and Recently Passed Britney Murphy. That news is just extremely sad. Chris Henry was only 26 years old and had 3 kids... Now i don't the situation that actually happened, but what i do know is that i feel when the news comes out, it going to be some real dumb shit. I mean getting thrown out the back of a pickup truck?! and he was found a mile away from the scene? That shit is pretty wack... Seems as if in the last month Girlfriends are on some defensive end. From Tiger Woods girl hittin his ass with a golf club(ha, that just what i think happened).. to chris henry's wife ejecting him from the back of HIS pick up truck.. No matter how you try to defend Chris Henry's wife, "at the end of the day" She was the one driving the truck "reckless" and ejected that man from the truck and tragically he died.

Brittney Murphy died early this morning of Cardiac Arrest, that is really sad, she was only 32... it seems as if Celebrities are dropping like flies... Everybody please take care of yourselves... Life is very short. Cherish it please...

On another Note... Asher Roth Gets A Huge....

i dont have anything against gay people at at, but it just comes as a surprise to me, coming for a guy who makes most of his songs about having sex with women.. whatever floats your boat, but maybe if he would of came out when he first hit the music scene, maybe people would have more respect for him, for being real.. people kill me when they ... finally come out the closet, and everyone instantly falls in love with the person and praises them for coming out, 9 times outta 10 you knew you were gay a long time ago... C'MON SON! and why do gay people always get decribed as "loving life" what the fuck does that even mean? Am i not loving life because im straight? More on Asher Roth HERE 2009 has been a crazy ass year

Also another Huge....

To Buju Banton... This dumb ass got caught 5 Kilo's of Cocaine..... How the fuck do you do that dumb shit? Weed just dont get you high enough huh? Boom Bye Bye Dumbass!
More of the Story HERE

Also the Last..

goes to Shane Sparks.. One of the Judges of Americas Best Dance Team and from Cincinnati got arrested the other day for having sex with a 14 year old girl... Really? Why are all these older Guys Having sex with these younger women? Am i missing something.. Is it because its easier for you? Fuckin Idiot.. this shit makes me mad.. and he's from the nati.... C'MON SON!!!

BE SAFE!!!!!

MV Puppets- Dunking On A Reindeer

This is some of the illest shit ive seen all year..... Chuck Inglish made the Beat on the Commerical also... Good work Homie...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nardwar Vs Kid Cudi

Shouts out to my homie Dennis playing security in the background...HA!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My First Media Interview!

Name- Clockwork
Location- Nasty Nati (Cincinnati), Ohio

1. Who is Dj Clockwork and how did you get into the Dj business?
Clockwork is a machine that never stops for oil. I got into the Dj Business when I was 15 years old. I used to work at Kings Island (Ohio’s #1 Amusement Park) and I saved up 600 bucks to buy my first set of turntables. I bought 2 Gemini 500 Turntables and a shitty Numark 2 channel mixer. I never read the manual, I just threw it out and taught myself how to Dj. I started off doing college house parties when I was only 17 years old. From that I moved on the club scene, after the club scene, I started to practice to perfect my craft, and a lot more gigs started falling into my hands. Then from there, began out of state and country gigs.

2. Who and what inspires Clockwork to Dj?
The people and the energy that the crowd gives off is what inspire me to Dj. A Dj is the quarterback of the club…we call all the fucking plays and people follow, if your a shitty quarterback then the people in the club will let it be known! Also hearing other great Dj’s inspire me to Dj. It’s like a breath of fresh air when you can walk into a random bar or club and hear a great Dj. Make me wanna go home and practice more!

3. Tell us about growing up in Cincinnati and the racial barriers you have face in life and as a Dj?
Growing up in Cincinnati is a jungle. It’s crazy because Cincinnati used to be a very racist city. It used to be called ZINZINNATI. It’s an old German town, and Cincinnati has a lot of old and historical buildings, and if you look close on these buildings you can still see old Swastikas. Cincinnati was also a place Harriet Tubman brought a lot of slaves for freedom. So with all this being said I have faced many racial barriers in this city. It would be times clubs wouldn’t allow Hip-hop to be played, or they would try and switch up the dress code every week. One time, while I was Dj’ing in one particular club in the nati (Cincinnati), the owner walked up to me and told me to “stop playing all this ghetto shit” while I was playing Kayne West “Good Life”. I feel like I’m still fighting racial barriers everyday of my life. Racism is never going to disappear, you just have to learn how to ignore the ignorance of the perp..

4. Where do you see yourself in two years and what life experiences can you share with people in order to live their lives, follow their goals, and live their dreams?
In 2 years I see myself probably in a different state, and murkering every single event that I do (I mean I do that now, but ill def better than I am now in 2 years!) No excuses Live Ya Lifeeeeee! Whatever you want to be and whatever you want to do, do it! Nothing is stopping you from becoming what you want to be but YOU! Don’t doubt yourself, and push yourself to the limit to becoming the Super being that you want to be. It sounds cliché but you can become anything you want to be. I never thought I would Dj in Paris or New York, or be friends with some huge names, and party with superstars, but because pushed myself and believe I could do it, it happened.
“NOW is the time to be whatever you want to be.”

MY FIRST MEDIA INTERVIEW! The homie steve that was the photographer for the Chuck Inglish and Jasmine Solano did a little side interview with me... Very dope Check it out! if you want to see more interviews and see my interview in full effect go HERE

Make sure you check out his Website

Clipse-DoorMan Video, Pill-Trap Goin Ham Video

These are the rawest videos out right now... shit is crazy...

3 New Events Coming Up!

My Homie Jon Jon Birthday!!! This Thursday at Mad Hatter is going to Crack! And Fri at Mad Frog Will Crack also! and Next week! Christmas Party at Mad Hatter! Let's Go!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cool Kids Perform 4 new songs..

I had the pleasure of hearing "Bundle Up" when i was on tour with Chuck Inglish...and might i say... the beat wangs! if you have good speakers this shit will tear the house down.. the other songs are tight as fuck.. cant wait till the album drops... o btw the pirates hat that chuck is wearin, is the one he bought when we went shopping in the nati...Crazy

Dope Couture-Holiday Line

The homies over at Dope Couture just came out with their new Holiday line... Shout out to Matt down at Dope Couture for lacing me with some threads when i was down in Indiana... also a huge shout out to Phenom down in Indiana Killing shit...

Check out the Whole Line HERE

Make sure you Follow Matt on Twitter-



Snoop -

Snoop - “I Wanna Rock” (Live)

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big Sean- Rollin/Say you will video..

Sean Goes in on Rollin... one of my favorite versus from this guy.... the chicks in the video are crazy...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't SH!T on the Stairs Mixtape

My homie djphatboy has dropped his new mixtape, "Don't SH!T on the Stairs." It's 50 minutes of fire, combining old school and new school dance tracks using clever lyrical transitions with sound bytes and music. Check out the cassette style download HERE and blast it at your next party, no need to change songs!

You can also download it on his official website .